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Malala’s friend shows her bravery.

Incredible defiance of girl, 13, who was shot when Taliban opened fire on her friend Malala | Mail Online.

Here’s a question I’d love to know the answer to: Is Islam the problem or is it just that the religion attracts insane, homicidal maniacs? From reading the Koran, I’d say it is the religion but I can well understand it attracting nuts.

It would be the same, I guess, if Christians disregarded the Bible’s New Testament and only abided by The Old. Come to think of it, quite a few Christians seem to disregard the New Testament when it comes to gays. Those Christians hop and jump in rage while quoting Leviticus.

But if Christians can act as if they’re insane and about to riot over gay equality and a child can be shot by extremist Muslims because she asked for an education and, thinking back, Sikhs can riot because of a play, maybe the problem isn’t a particular religion. Maybe the problem is religion itself.

Anyway, good luck to Malala’s friends as they attempt to return to school. May their experiences lead them to question their beliefs and find the additional bravery and intelligence to reject religion altogether.


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7 thoughts on “Malala’s friend shows her bravery.

  1. The religion does not attract insane people, actually very sane people, however Al Qaeda is actually a deviant sect that has taken over the media with the face of Islam. Hence giving muslims a bad name. Dont follow the TV, it is a propaganda machine. Also read up on the history of Al qaeda, how they go into power, 1901 is a good start. Al Qaeda even kill other muslims and have branded them infidels such as the SHIA’s. The puppetmasters indoctrinate the less intelligent to do their bidding work. It is the same all over the world.

    • rogerivanhart on said:

      Reading the Koran, and I mean reading both angels and demons and not just cherry-picking the angels, reveals a disturbing trend within the timeline. The Koran is not laid out chronologically – in fact, the Koran seems to lack any coherent structure – and one must work hard to determine the chronology.
      The trend I refer to is that the Koran becomes more intolerant of others and more violent as it progresses chronologically. The last, short sura at the end of the Koran are generally agreed by Islamic scholars to have been the first written. They are the peaceful sura. The chronologically later sura, and sura 9 was one of the last written, repeat over and over words like kill and force into submission. To an atheist they read like the rantings of a madman.
      To follow a religion that condemns others for their beliefs within its major religious texts conveys the impression that the follower either condones the intolerance, hatred and violence or has not read the texts themselves, relying on others to tell them what the texts say and mean. This to an atheist seems deluded to the point of insanity.
      As for al-Qaeda, you are right to say it is deviant. It follows the teachings of the Saudi Wahabists, who gleaned their version of Islam from al-Wahab. al-Wahab sought a return to what he called the purity of the Kharijites who slew Ali for arranging peace terms with Mu’awiya. Wahabists use their ultra-orthodox interpretation of Islam to control Muslims while appearing to tolerate Westerners, until the violence and hatred within their beliefs resurfaces and they attack Westerners for bringing their hated econonomic models to Muslim lands. This, to most atheists, is also insane as the majority of atheists live by the Churchillian principle that jaw-jaw is always preferable to war-war.
      Until Muslims, and by that I mean the religious leaders rather than the politicians – ordinary Muslims don’t count as they just do what they’re told – learn to talk rather than resort to violence and discontinue the cultures of misogyny and intolerance to outsiders that infests adherents like parasites I shall continue to consider them, especially the men, completely and utterly bonkers.

  2. What you are doing is opening the Qur’an, then interpreting the verses for your own needs, however those who are versed in it will tell you, will let you know, that one cannot simply take it as what it is. First one needs to know Arabic language, and not dialect, but what is called Fusah arabic, history of when the verses where revealed, to whom it was etc. Many issues.

    Hence we have Marjás of high authority, whose books you can read. If you go here, under the section Qur’an, and see the books named commentary for you self. Some small commentary Surah books are around 300 plus pages. And you end up making your own interpretation from one verse..?


    “Most surely it is an honoured Qur’an, in a Book that
    is hidden; None do touch it save the purified ones.”
    (56:77 -79) .

    As atheists seem to brand them selves as highly intellectual, then the challenge for you is to find out who the purified ones are. Time to read up, and not for conversion but on the bases of knowing the mistakes one makes, while walking blindly.

    “And We sent Musa with Our signs (and told him)
    that you may bring forth your people from the
    darkness into the light and remind them on the days
    of Allah; indeed in it there are signs for all those who
    are patient and grateful.”

    Again, it was in order, but if you read history and see how it was not allowed to be.

    Wahabis don’t even follow the religion properly, actually, similar they use it as a tool to control, and hence why religion is tainted. The same with other Abrahamic religions too. Which is a benefit for those who are for imperialism and colonization.

    Your biased personal interpretation and ideology is not helping anyone but spread hatred. I assume it is from a lack of knowledge and as the old saying goes, if one doesn’t know much, its better to keep quiet.

    Anyways I have given you the sources of real information, It is your choice to educate your self. Good luck.

    • rogerivanhart on said:

      ما الذي يجعلك تعتقد كل من يقرأ القرآن يجب أن يكون لمسلم يقرأ العربية لفهم ذلك؟ هناك الكثير من المسلمين الذين لا يقرأون العربية، أنت تقول أنهم لا يفهمون النصوص الدينية؟ وفي هذه الحالة، يبدو أن لك الاتفاق معي.

  3. why are you pasting me a verse? did I not just tell you to read up?, what is wrong with you? Grow up please.

    • rogerivanhart on said:

      Erm, it’s not a verse. Roughly translated (I wrote it in Arabic) the comment says: Are you saying that to read the Qur’an correctly you must be able to read Arabic. But there are many Muslims who do not read Arabic. If they cannot read their own religious texts then you seem to be agreeing with me.

  4. Unbelievably fascinating and brave subject-matter to tackle in a blog. This blog was insightful and respectful at the same time, which can be difficult when it comes to religion. I am not going to pretend I know or care anything about religion but this blog did get me to thinking… I simply can’t entertain any belief systems that include prejudice or murder or other insanity, with all due respect – and that generally rules out a lot of things 😉 Thank you for writing. I shall be back and looking forward to it. I enjoyed this. Cheers.

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